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Graduate Residency image
Graduate Residency image
Graduate Residency image

photo credits: "A Sentimental Wom; A Sentimental Walk; A Sentimental Party" by Jessica Higgins, 2015, "Symptom of Society or Precarious" by Bennie Cluness, "Still from the video Stillness is a Dance: #2 Textures" by Laura Jones

For the 2015/2016 session of the MANY Graduate Residency Programme, artists Jessica Higgins, Bennie Cluness and Laura Jones will take up residency in the studios. With highly diverse and unique practices we will adapt the programme specifically to their interests and needs.

Many Studios are happy to announce the Graduate Residency Programme 15/16 exhibition 'Settling Up Some of Things'. The group exhibition brings together new work by Benjie Cluness, Jessica Higgins and Laura G Jones which has been developed whilst taking part in the 9-month residency programme. For more information, see Settling Up Some of Things.

Jessica Higgins

Jessica Higgins lives and works in Glasgow. Graduating from the Sculpture and Environmental Art dept., GSA in 2015 her practise is centered around the functions, dysfunctions and uncertainties of situations, relationships and communication via the public offerings of sculptural installation, collaborative projects, performance and writing. Recent presentations have included Spring Season Open Weekend, Hospitalfield House, Abroath (group, 2015); Picturesque Radices in Small Decisions, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (solo, 2015).

Benjie Cluness

Benjie's work is primarily concerned with the proliferation of - and reliance on - network technologies and the impact that this has on human beings. Recurring themes in his work seek to challenge the notion of immateriality that is often discussed in relation to the network. His work attempts to emphasise and explore the material framework that underpins networked technologies and address the labour force that these systems rely on. Often using print on demand and online fabrication services in the making of an artwork, the absence of the artist’s hand raises questions of authorship and highlights the method of its production. Appropriation is central to his practice, plagiarising popular culture and critical theory to create a dense web of references, mirroring the networks that he is discussing. The distinction between what is stolen and what is created is never quite clear.

Laura Jones

Originally born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Laura has lived in America, England and Berlin, Germany. She is now based in Glasgow, Scotland. She studied a BA Hons in Dance and Visual Arts at the University of Brighton and a practice based Masters in Film and Video at University for Creative Arts, Kent. She then went on to complete an MRes in Artists' Moving Image at Central Saint Martins.

Inspired by her dance and performance background, she works with video and space, exploring habitual movement and every day patterns and sensations on an endotic level: the extraordinary within the ordinary. Although she doesn't choreograph in a traditional sense, her work highlights choreography and patterns which occur constantly, spontaneously and subconsciously. She invites an alternative perspective on seemingly banal situations and objects, promoting a haptic and sometimes erotic response in the viewer.